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Your probiotic worked like magic on my UTI issues that I had for over 6 months - 100% now!

Jason, 40 year old male

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After 1 month my leaky gut symptoms have disappeared almost completely - this product works like nothing I have tried before

Zinzi - 50 year male

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My diabetes has affected my life for years but since taking ELIXIRMUNE the swelling in my legs has gone down so much that I can walk with comfort – very happy.

Raez , 55 year old male

Elixirmune Gut Guard logo

I am a diabetic and since I have started taking this product twice a week my blood sugar levels have gone down from 17 to between 6 to 9. I feel great and can even have a few brandy's without my sugar levels spiking.

Gerhard , 56 year old male

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I was in bad shape with diabetes, kidney issues and swelling in my feet. In one month I had remarkable recovery.

Surajith , India

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 “I am a diabetic and struggle to keep my blood sugar levels under 9 . Since I have been taking this probiotic my blood sugar levels are down to 6 and I have cut my Metformin Hydrochloride dose by a third and my Insulin by 10 units per day. Overall feel so much better since using this product.”

Paulo , 60 - Diabetes 

Elixirmune Gut Guard

I have been recovering from long Covid and was introduced to this product. After 3 days my blood oxygen levels went up from 85% to 94% and a resting heart rate from 145bbm down to under 96bbm. I can advise Covid patients to try Elixirmune as really has helped my recovery.

Pat, 65 female

Elixirmune Gut Guard

I have been experiencing bad headaches, migraines and liver problems that I thought were due to stress. I have been taking it twice a week for the past month and I feel great for the first time in ages.

Charles , 45 year old male

Elixirmune Gut Guard logo

I have had IBS symptoms and excessive gas for years and since taking ELIXIRMUNE I had not had any of these symptoms. What a relief. Thank You.

Lynda , 60 year old female

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I have used it on a mouth ulcer that stopped bothering me after a few days. Great Product to have in my medicine cabinet.

Charmaine , 59 year old female

Elixirmune Gut Guard

I have suffered from bad constipation since going back to school after COVID and have been taking Movicol but that has not helped me. After 2 weeks of taking it my constipation has now gone totally!

Grace , 15 year old female

Elixirmune Gut Guard

I have stomach ulcers and bad reflux issues that I have struggled with for a long time and after 1 week my ulcers are not bothering me at all.

Gail , 30 year old female

Elixirmune Gut Guard logo

I have bad cramps in my stomach and my legs and these stop after I drink it.

Macmillan , 26 year old male


Bad Burn Wound


-  RESULTS within a week

Before and after


-  Results after 1 week of treatment
-  2 x days of taking orally 1 teaspoon ( 5ml)

Before and after


-  1 Teaspoon(5ml) daily for 10 days 

before and after

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